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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Avonlea two page layout

Hi everyone, Boy do I love this paper! You know sometimes when you look at paper in the catalog, you don't really get the full richness of it. I can tell you this is a wonderful collection of prints.

If you are interested in purchasing the kit just click the paypal button at the bottom of the post.

If you want just the instructions just go to my website and purchase the Avonlea paper pack or any paper pack that you chose and I will email the instructions to you.

The stamped rosettes are stamps from the workshop on the go, so if you want to stamp them for the layout purchase the workshop on the go or use a rosette type stamp that you have. Hope you enjoy this, it was fun to do.

My starting design came from the Magic book and then I used the Cricut and stamp set in Avonlea workshop to embellish futher.
 I am giving this layout directions with the purchase of any paper pack or you can purchase a kit for
$20.00 plus $6.00 shipping.
Everything will be cut from the cricut and stamped. You can just sit back and enjoy putting this kit together. I really enjoyed doing this layout with this paper pack, but you could make with quite a few of the paper packs in the catalog.
If you are interested in purchasing the paper pack just click on the shop with me in the right hand corner, join the on line gathering and purchase the paper pack and then I will email you the directions. If you want the kit click on the paypal button at the of the post.
Thanks for taking the time to look today.

I am working on a Halloween mini that I will share shortly. Until then get your hands inky.DiAnn

                               Kits are Sold out            


  1. This is so lovely. You should have submitted this to Jeanette Lynton's site. I think she would have showcased this for sure. Not sure if it's in the rules that once you submit it on your blog, you can't (or can?). Very pretty, and definitely made with love.

  2. Gorgeous projects!!! Can you tell me why you can't buy the cardstock which matches the Avonlea paper pack, like you can the other CTMH cardstock? I love the colors of the cardstock used in the Avonlea paper collection but can't find any where in the idea book to purchase more of these colors. Any information would be great.

  3. Your artwork is so beautiful - thank you for sharing it!

  4. So beautiful DiAnn, and your photos are fabulous. Love all those lovely details you put into everything.

  5. Thank you, I wonder who taught me how to take pictures?

  6. Wow! Such detail! This is really beautiful.

  7. This is beautiful. You did a wonderful job.